Escape Room in Berlin

Outopia Berlin is a unique escape room adventure that is suitable for experienced players as well as those looking for something new. Our professionally designed environments, creative stories, unique puzzles and hi-tech riddles are waiting for you in each of our three rooms.

Game Rules

The clock is ticking.

You will get exactly 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and open the final door to escape! If you can do this, then you’ve reached Outopia! If you don’t quite make it within the hour, don’t worry – the doors will open and the your game-master will let you out.

Please leave your coat at the door.

We kindly ask you to leave your bags, gadgets (incl. mobile phones) and all the other spy tools and devices outside. Everything you need for the game is provided inside.

If you’re forcing it – you're doing something wrong!

No task needs superhuman strength. Try not to wreck anything – you could break the game and you might not be able to finish.

Remember: this isn’t a computer game!

Be cautious: cables can be live and you can cut yourself if you break any glass. We want you to remain in one piece!

Vandalism is not accepted.

If any damage is caused deliberately, either to the game interior or playing objects, or if you ignore your game-master's warnings, we can stop the game without a refund.

Big Brother is watching you!

Cameras and microphones are installed in all rooms; in any abnormal situation your game-master will come to your aid. If you need help or want a hint, we also have handy “Help me” buttons.

No spoilers!

When you have finished – try your best not to spoil the fun for other players in the foyer. Don’t talk too loudly about the tasks or how you solved them, and don’t give anything away to others. We want everyone to enjoy their games equally! If you have questions afterwards – quietly talk to your game-master.

Stay sharp!

We reserve right to refuse entry to people who are not in a suitable state to play. In this case no refund is available. Remember: winners don’t do drugs!


Vault 13

Lucky to survive the nuclear war in an underground shelter — Vault 13, you are the last of the human kind, dreaming of seeing sunlight once again.

Requirements: some parts of the game will require the ability to lift 6 kg weight.

Minimum age: from 8 years old accompanied with adults, from 14 years old without adult accompaniment


The Art of Theft

Let’s face it, we have all dreamed of throwing a museum heist at least once! Not for the money, though, but solely to keep a masterpiece to ourselves. Here is your shot! It’s a pitch black night: visitors gone, guards out for coffee and donuts. You have the gear and an accomplice — somebody on the inside. Now is the time to snatch the most valuable exhibit and vanish.

Requirements: we would recommend that you feel confident in either English or German – as there are some tasks that require listening.

Minimum age: from 8 years old accompanied with adults, from 14 years old without adult accompaniment


Pirate's Hut

You are on a tropic isle in the middle of the Caribbean. Well, you know where this is going. There is thunder in paradise. A lonesome hut on a cliff could become your death trap! Its bloodthirsty eyed-patched landlord will soon be back from hunting. Take it on faith, he will gladly turn you into one of his trophies. These dull walls are hardly the last thing you want to see before his blade finds you — run!

Requirements: Please wear flat shoes that don’t stain easily. Because of special flooring, high heels could be dangerous!

Minimum age: from 8 years old accompanied with adults, from 14 years old without adult accompaniment

What our players think about us

We had the chance to play the "The Art of Theft" and are completely thrilled! This quest is just great, extremely demanding, eclectic and comes with many surprises.. :) We had tons of fun and will surely return! Thanks to your lovely team!

— Janina Oertel
Matematician, Berlin

Was quite an experience, solving Outopia room. It was great fun and indeed test our team working skills! wish all the others best of luck!

— Bernhard Stanchina
Student, Berlin

As a quite experienced quest player I reckon that “Vault 13” is one of the best quests I have ever been. Everything is awesome! Good location, interesting script and facinating hi-tech riddles. Me and my friends were absolutely ecstatic to play it! Can't wait to visit other rooms.

— Denis Ignatov
Webdesigner, Moscow

The game is pretty great! The "Vault 13" quest really takes you to a post-apocalyptic era! ! I felt an adrenaline rush from the first minute on. The room features feels so damn real! The staff is also very friendly and ready to help any time you need!

— Lou Gastardi
Mediadesigner, Berlin


Which game is suitable for me?

We have several games that are suitable for all skill levels. If you want to know more about a specific game – then drop us an email ( or give us a call (+493055521400) and let us know what you are looking for in a game and we can give you some advice on which game would suit you best.

What languages are required to play our games?

All our games are designed to be played in German or English. Your language skills should be good enough to understand the introduction given by your game-master, the written instructions and the puzzles inside the game and our game-masters' hints.

*Insider tip: if you can understand this so far – you can play for sure!*

For “The Art of Theft”, we would recommend that you feel confident in either English or German – as there are some tasks that require listening.

What is the recommended team size?

Teams of 2-5 players can play and enjoy “Vault 13” and “The Art of Theft”, for the “Pirate's Hut” we have to limit the maximum to 4 players due to room's dimensions. However, based on the amount and difficulty of the puzzles, we recommend teams of 2-3 people to play in “The Art of Theft” and “Pirates Hut”, and teams of 3-4 people – in “Vault 13”:


Escape Room

Possible size of a team

Recommended size of a team

Pirate's Hut

2 – 4 Players

2 – 3 Players

The Art of Theft

2 – 5 Players

2 – 3 Players

Vault 13

2 – 5 Players

3 – 4 Players

We would like to play with 6 people. Can you make an exception?

Unfortunately, the size of the rooms and games plot do not allow teams bigger than 4 people play in “Pirates Hut” and more than 5 in “Vault 13” or “The Art of Theft”. But you can always split into two teams and play different games.

What if we don't manage to escape in 60 minutes?

You will have fun anyway! And after 60 minutes your game-master will open the doors and explain how the game had to be finished (but only if it doesn’t hurt your pride too much!)

When should we arrive?

We ask that you be ready to play 10-15 min before your time slot, so that we can give you a proper introduction, answer all your questions and start the game on time. However, space in our lobby and waiting room is a little limited – so don’t show up one hour in advance!

What if we are running late?

Give us a quick call and let us know! (+493055521400) We will try to do our best to give you the full 60 min for your game. However, we aim to start every game on time, so we reserve the right to shorten your game appropriately.

Should we take anything with us?

Nope! Everything you'll need you'll find inside the game. In fact, we'll ask you to leave your belongings in the lockers, and we ask that you don’t use any tools and gadgets (incl. a torch and a camera on your mobile phone) while you’re playing.

Can children play Outopia?

We allow children from 8 years old to play in a team accompanied with adults, and teenagers from 14 years old can play without adult accompaniment. However, we would not recommend teams of 2-5 teenagers or 1 adult + 1-4 kids to participate, because the games are designed for adult players and sometimes require some “grown-up” logic and skills.

Do your rooms fit for children’s birthday parties?

As we already mentioned, we don’t recommend young players to play our games alone or with only 1 adult. However, you know your kids better than us. If you are sure they would like to spend their time solving the logical puzzled locked in the closed space for 1 hour – just write us a message and we'll discuss the details.

Can pregnant women play Outopia? Or maybe we can take our baby with us?

We don’t recommend pregnant women to play in “Pirate's Hut” and the any children younger than 8 y.o. incl. babies won't be allowed to enter this room. However, in the case of “Vault 13” or “The Art of Theft” we might say “yes”, but this is obviously at your own risk. Sometimes it's loud or a bit dark, but nothing too scary and if you have good team mates around you should manage just fine.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable! Sportswear is not necessary: you’re not running a marathon! But remember it’s 60 min on your feet and thinking while wearing a comfortable outfit is much easier!

Also, pay attention that in “Pirate's Hut” we require players to wear flat shoes that don’t stain easily. Because of special flooring, high heels could be dangerous!

Are your games dark and/or scary?

If you are of a nervous disposition – then yes, you'll find something to be a little bit worried about in our rooms. Some parts of the games could be also a bit dark – which is the part of the plot. But we didn't aim our rooms to be scary: there will be no jump scares. We promise!

Would I be able to leave the game before it finished?

When necessary, your game-master can be requested to open the doors. It would be nice to let them know about this possibility beforehand.

All our games have emergency buttons which you can press to open the door in real emergency situation like fire alarm.

Can I take a drink inside?

We only allow non-alcoholic drinks in re-sealable containers inside the game. Please, be careful: liquids can damage our games.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

Our games “The Art of Theft” and “Vault 13” are suitable for mixed teams with at least one person that is not in a wheelchair. The doors in our games are 80 cm wide and there are narrow spots which are not suitable wide wheelchairs. If need more information, then drop us a line

What if we need to cancel our booking?

Our terms and conditions allow you to cancel the booked slot 48 hours beforehand. You can do it from the link in your booking confirmation email, or by writing us an email, or giving us a call.

And what if...?

Don't worry, just book the game, come on time and our game-master will answer all your “if’s”, “and’s” and “but’s”. You can always give us a call or write us an email if you are wondering about something else.

Team-building and company events

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